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character he or she handwriting becomes three-dimensional! Original figure using a 3D printer


characters they have graffiti when it becomes three-dimensional. It is a water flea figure was realized with the cooperation of engineers of 3D modeling. The person who wrote what Nantes, what will you when it becomes three-dimensional also could not be predicted, but it gave me to express to the soft texture of the head! Minute there is a weight may feel, there is a sense of stability as a figure When you create in acrylic plastic. It does not do the color painted on the Mottainaku, but also mass production if the paint color easy to part of the point. Because I made with 3D printer, it remains it is possible to freely change the size, to think of mobile phone strap size and life-size huge size. By all means if it becomes I want to carry the original character of your own. This ^ ^ for details


Ryoma Kondo・2014/06/04

By original two-dimensional character is touch and pick it up as a three-dimensional object, I seem to pour more love! Do you possible anyone's illustrations?

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    I think over the technology those of you who have really modeling, and one should go Can you talk once by all means ^ ^ I please make a three-dimensional image data alone in the front here. TOKYO MAKER Miraisu Co.

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    My name is Ange water flea of ​​staff. Comment, thank you! If you had to create a 3D data of Daphnia figure, and give you an illustration of data Adobe Illustrator that Ouma drew, we have produced based on it. Encounter [water flea plan] water flea character 3D plans - of the [1st] 3D printer (^ ^) which I think ..... therefore an article a history that we asked TOKYOMAKER's, and if you can refer to it if you want ~ | water flea