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I drove to grocery store with my kids yesterday, and as it happens a lot, my toddler (age 3) was deeply sleeping by the time we reached the store. Yes kids (even adults) like napping in the car!

When she was smaller, I kept a stroller all the time in the car. But, since she no longer wishes to sit in a stroller, her stroller is not carried in my car anymore.

Guess what? As I always do, I started shopping as carrying my sleeping beauty in my arms. I was OK carrying 35 pounds for the first 20+ mins, but then (again as it always happens) my biceps and triceps couldn't accommodate her anymore.

I knew that she would get awaken in a bad mood, but I had to let her sit in the shopping cart seat. The backrest of the seat was too short to lean on. It was just up to her waist high.

As these being said, what I would like to have is an attachment/accessory to a shopping cart to make kids stay asleep while shopping. If a toddler is sleeping, then it is the best shopping time ever!

It is like a toddler car seat to be placed on a cart. Also I need it to be small (foldable) so that it wouldn't take my cargo space.

Any inputs are welcome:)


Ryoma Kondo・2014/06/11

I think many mothers can sympathize to this idea.
For example, "children's beds cart" also would be great.


I can understand - I'm such that it is well this certainly! It is best if there is an attachment that is attached to the car or, while carrying the child as it is, it is placed on the shopping cart.


確かに学童用カーシートにアッタチ出来てそのままショッピングカートに取り付けれればいいですね。 乳児用のカーシートはそのままショッピングカートにつけれる物を売ってるのですが... 幼児の方がグンと重いので寝ている時ずっと抱っこしてるの本当に大変です!

I love the idea of an attachment that goes on a child seat as well as an shopping cart seat.

There are infant car seats available that can be placed on shopping car seats, but not for toddler seats. Toddlers are for sure much heavier and muscles builders for mommies:)