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Erasable Highlighter


As a college student, I must sell my text books when the semester is over. Students are
tight on money:( But, they don't buy back my books when they are highlighted.

I would like to have totally erasable highlighters. I'm aware of highlighter that could be erased by a attached liquid eraser. But, this type of eraser mess up (wet) my pages making my books not salable.

It probably has to be a not liquid filled (dry) highlighter which is erasable with a regular eraser.



It might be really cool if you can erase all the highlighted parts almost instantly, for example, by covering a special sheet(?) over these pages...... because I know students love highlighting many lines all over books. It will take lots to erase one by one.

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    Ryoma Kondo・2014/06/27

    Special sheet is good!

Tetsuya Takahashi・2014/07/14

What about. Try to make with what color is like away after you put the hot air of about 80 ° heat of the dryer, from 60 ° to? It is a faint memory, but as there is such a ... paint.