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Japanese Navy "Battleship Haruna" ship dock tag strap


Thought this was going to cool warship goods want. I did not think of goods warship ever want at all design Poi toy is not good enough many, if Zero Fighter even if Yamato. If you Shimae made to buy the machine on your own! My name studio you have started out as a "cat-engineering-ship". I have been deployed battleship, or aircraft carrier the (dock tag) warship goods. (This Gallery → → battleship Haruna from this work Haruna) https://www.facebook. com / necokoucan


三浦 政景・2014/07/11

Thank you for posting. the maker fair in Kansas the other day itself also participated as exhibitors, there were people of the United States who have exhibited huge warships. Also, I had said CEO of ( Vocademy of Makerspace close with us also, and well made plastic model of Hasegawa and Tamiya childhood in the United States. I myself say Anyway, I was making a child a plastic model of almost all of Tamiya. Warship is located in the weapons, but the shipbuilding itself is probably because of the construction of the huge building, I think there is a charm beyond that. It is a personal thing, but remember that it has become like a special transport ships such as destroyers last.