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Anything like such puzzles organize stand "Hextand (Heck stand)" * tentative name


I thought stand or iPhone iPad, or keys Nexus, you can organize anything is wanted. I think what you want to organize each person and different. I think the number and type of smartphone, for example, also have different, and that some people who want to organize stationery organize and jewelry. So I was planning this stand. Product name is tentative, but I call "Hextand" from the stand and the shape of the hexagon. This stand is made up by a combination of the hexagon. You can be used by connecting to your favorite size. 15 or so on the iPad size. It becomes much put the iPad and iPhone, if 20. You can also charge while leaning against. You can be left to organize the charging cable when they are not being recharged. The photograph is a prototype that was made of wood. It is being designed by causing the design drawings from this prototype now, so that it can be mass-produced in plastic. Mold price for the mass production of plastic in crowdfunding, we are planning to try to compensate for some of them. We want to be accepted here and any questions or suggestions. How you do you want to take advantage? What colors or color might be good? :) Please feel free to comment by all means


Ryoma Kondo・2014/08/01

This is a prototype that was made with wire and 3D printers in the early initiative when. :) You went in addition to elements of the hexagon for raising and design elements of the puzzle that you can change the size here