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I tried to smartphone for sun visor display DIY


Car navigation system is the age that requires only smartphone, but I'm dangerous If you look at the smartphone while driving. It was considered to be not Utsuse I wonder if the screen of the smartphone translucent glass on the front part. Is there a way a lot, but it is the first prototype was transferred by the half mirror and mirror to analog. Design roughly in 123DDesign, parts of the orange output in a 3D printer. So small that's transcribed in 1/1 the screen does not look good outside is bright too large to be a ■ half mirror ■ Sumaho so was designed based on the mirror of the «problem» ■ 100 average results, the way you want to enlarge commercialization w does not think at all for now


Masanori Sakai・2014/09/02

It had to be made smaller in the mirror in the glass cutter. Can you Let's make a little. Do you what you can buy at 100 average I seal of the half mirror?