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Business card scanning-only stand "scand (scan de (provisional))"


When the business card is earnestly reservoir, it may be useful now business card management application. When you use the business card management application and "evernote" and "eight", to scan a business card in the camera of Sumahoapuri, and was looking for a stand for fixing the smartphone business cards. "But that firm" was not found in the "What an affordable price." In this study, there is also a sense of stability easy to use in my own way, price was also made with iron plate in-house, the "business card scanning-only stand" affordable. I can work quickly because there is a sense of stability. We Ho~tsu you bought me this stand, at about 2,980 yen? ? ? You can use this stand, for example, if we scan business card management application business cards recognized leader of the free by "eight", it is into data by reading the characters in the human power after a few days after. Do you not cheap and to be data of a business card that has accumulated enormous at 2,980 yen Homepage URL → initial investment of "eight", it is! Can be processed at a speed of 10 sheets in one minute? It is also possible that there is a market out there of course, to lower the price Toka 100 hairs stand that is hosted by many is if manufacture.


Ryoma Kondo・2014/09/24

Is great! It is likely to be long-lasting and strong because the metal! Moyamoya and ^ ^ believes features such as in the case you want to save the business card that you have finished scanning also Na or not attached

Masanori Sakai・2014/09/24

So that it can be used as a smartphone stand usually, I am happy part of the back and can be Innovation pattern.

Teruyuki Kobayashi・2014/10/13

Is not that you have to test, but it seems to be such use. It is improved in so that it can be used also in various distance.