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New warship / ship dock tag accessories Shiratsuyu type destroyer "early summer rain"


The sale today, monster item called number 29 number 32 favorite RT was would be born in the first day with Twitter! ! I've engraved vessels illustrations metal plate of brass popular vessels Shiratsuyu type of popular the "Early Summer Rain" is also in that warship game cat factory ship Arsenal work the Pacific War series Shiratsuyu type destroyer in "early summer rain" warship / ship dock tag accessories model. I have been engraved in the last minute of decomposition performance cutting machine EGX-350 Roland DG Corporation. 12.7 cm main gun is the size of the same degree as five inches cannon mounted on the self-defense of the ship currently is rice grain size is on Dokkutagu said to be destroyer. However, I have engraved detail finer than 1/700 water line series in this size. Please have a look carefully by all means. Cat Kou ship Official Site Web shop