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Business card scanning-only stand "scand (scan mode) improved version"


I tried to improve "scand (scan de (provisional))" Stand scan of business card management application for. ※ Posts → http: Previous to change the distance to be scanned by ③ smartphone that was so definitive to refer to business card that I got ② was to be able to charge the smartphone is // improvements ① usually ... is that the price is get intimidated On the downside you have to be, because the hassle than the previous


Ryoma Kondo・2014/10/04

It is amazing the place that this may create soon anyway! Price and effort I just difficult. I'll try to think a little ^ ^

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    Teruyuki Kobayashi・2014/10/04

    Not surprisingly the first place iron whether the correct answer? There is also a place called, but so easy to shape first, if such material you are working in-house.