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I make a "Papa Mama T-shirt" in the portrait that children wrote


My company, there is a thing called embroidery machine for business use. The convenience of work, February, March is not, so do not use most, I believe if there is something of uses. So was thinking is the service called "Let's make Papa Mama T-shirt of the only one in the world". I think painting the child wrote, that there is a unique flavor that can not write it from becoming an adult. It is thought to be when you are starting the service to make a T-shirt of the only one in the world in the embroidery and the Illustration portrait of mom and dad that such children wrote. Photo is what was embroidered "picture of Kamen Norida dad wrote as a child" and "portrait of grandma and grandpa."



I am decorate framed as it is a picture of children, but I want to decorate with embroidery version the picture now! (It seems to be a portrait of mother and daughter normally not in the Halloween version never ↓.)

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    川田 俊介・2014/10/21

    Mr. Gomez, Thank you for comment. It is a picture cute wonder. It is left MOM! It is thought to be to the embroidery, enjoy is if spreads. It had thought it may be something tote bags and caps to T-shirts other than, it's "decorate" I also good