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Motion sensors with sprinkler system


We are manufacturing a device that can be stopped or or out the water from the faucet by human sensor. I installed in the veranda, etc. Using ① apartment. Pigeon water it is possible to ward off spouting you come. (Or in the water pigeons escape is, I do not know and do not try to actually installed.) To be connected to the use ② Garden cooler (hose to cool and put out a mist in the summer). I put out a mist only when a person is approaching. Usually can save water since stopped.


Ryoma Kondo・2014/11/11

It seems can be very versatile ^^ use (pigeon measures, cooler) and you can change the sensor, It is interesting when you or the control to smartphone!


In possible to remove the sensor, it is likely to spread in width and can match the sensor or switch is connected to the purpose. Sumaho operation ... will study!