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I was using a plastic bottle that was frozen, a little eco-friendly fan [Phase2]


Was using a plastic bottle that is frozen, it is a little eco-friendly fan. You can use during the day to keep frozen within a night, you can use when it is not enough little in air only. Rather than the entire room, it makes it only the cool and comfortable around him. We've created a prototype which takes into account the mass production from the previous post. We are using the DC fan used in personal computers of cooling. Space-saving in such tabletop, in consideration of stability, it was changed to a configuration like a photograph. We would like to consider the shape of the blower unit. [Please comment! ] Material: is capable of condensation measures to create in the "diatomaceous earth", such as the following link pet bottle insertion section I believe. In addition, we believe that interesting even from being made the whole body in the diatomaceous earth. Please message After one who completed of Someone knowledge or trader your acquaintance! DC fan and electrical design: prototype uses a USB DC fan of the following links. Wherever possible, I believe that I could be more powerful. In addition, we want to allow the "turning on and off" at the switch, and I will satisfy the above, the step-up and the condenser and the switch is not considered necessary. Person who can advice (might get variously ask maybe ..) reach message please! 82% B1% E3% 83% BC% E3% 82% B9% E3% 83% 95% E3% 82% A1% E3% 83% B3 + 80mm% 5D thank you!



It is a great idea! I want. We do not sell?

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    Comments Thank you! Small amount (about 50 units -100 units) Test sales, and we understand a wide variety of opinion, we believe usually be great I could Toka produce. Feeling to go to make with those who went to hand the test sale. Na little or road of thorns. .

suzuki kazunori・2015/04/14

I received an introduction from Mr. Takahashi, is Suzuki Suzukisangyo Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells the humidity and deodorant building materials at Wakkanai diatomaceous earth. Functionally, the outer case, for example, such things in the smear that of coating wall material, condensation occurs on the surface of the case can be prevention. However, Toshimashite drawback, and wear those high such hygroscopic matrix system of painted wall material or diatomaceous earth, and more to be repeated that it touched by hand, marked with such as sebum, there are times when it becomes soiled. In fact, foot wipe mat (bath mat), marked with sebum by wiping the foot, water absorption is poor, marked with a dark stain. To prevent it, it would have to apply the antifouling agent. When you do it in a bath mat, but water will not, for this purpose in this case condensation prevention, we believe that there is no problem of applying a certain moisture permeability antifouling agent. In addition, making the body with diatomaceous earth does not do recommend. When you smoke a condensation water generated in the case, is the much more on the content and context of the formulation other than diatomaceous earth, it is expected that the mold occurs. When the alkaline material with lime system has been formulated, it can be expected antifungal effect, but .... and depending on if, when you think of in that is used diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth elastic paint that can be applied to the resin case is painted somewhat thick, we recommend that you apply the antifouling agent that has a water-repellent thereon .

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    Comments Thank you! I see. It is that it painted a diatomaceous earth! Whether it is a housing I think there as methods that would make diatomaceous earth, Will there is a degree of freedom in how much of the form? When you see your company's home page, by but we deal with, such as the size of the plate material processing method or will the possible is modeling (for example, create a form in the cutting or type)?

suzuki kazunori・2015/04/15

Suzuki. It depends also on the formulation, but it is possible to work with the feeling like, for example, clay work. However, in order to maintain the functionality because unsuitable for immobilization of high-temperature firing, and says either, it will finish of feeling such as unglazed. Sonaruto, etc. strength is insufficient, to use as a sundries of the body must be to increase the blending of the viscosity of the glass. In the case of Wakkanai diatomaceous earth, for example, those 50 percent that gairome clay, by blending the glass powder about 5 percent Wakkanai diatomaceous earth, can be molded like a clay work. Since diatomaceous earth of Noto is the viscosity content of 70% I think that remains even shaped like a clay work can be. The upper limit of the firing temperature It is 900 ℃ position. And molding the diatomaceous earth of Noto alone, since baked you and very light, or feel that you have is not broken? (-_-;) That it will feel. There are surprisingly also brittle part, so it might be difficult. However, appearance of texture and Detiru feeling you will have fun better of pottery.

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    Thanks for your answer. "Since there is surprisingly also fragile part, it might be difficult. However, it is appearance of texture and Detiru feeling there is fun is more of pottery." In as you say >>, grilled to a prima facie consumer electronics? It unexpectedness also think though kana say there like. Also I think chemistry is good Na with your as interior. In the case of "Wakkanai diatomaceous earth, for example, those 50 percent that gairome clay, by blending the glass powder about 5 percent Wakkanai diatomaceous earth, shaped like a clay work you can. Diatomaceous earth of Noto is viscosity content of 70% Because, molded like a clay work even while that I think can be. ">> Thank you indeed. The "molding" of the above description, for example, what that can also be shaped like the following link? Also Is it possible to get trial cooperation in your company?