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Privacy Policy

Maruso Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”, or “Company”) shall treat as follows the user’s personal information received through our services on “Geeks”, the accumulating crowds ideas website which we operate (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”)

(Provision 1) Received Information and the Method of Utilization

The Company shall use and acquire user information in the following ways:
1.    Information to be provided
i.    Account name, e-mail address and password:
To make the account for this Services, we may receive account name, e-mail address and password for the purpose of identity verification, prevention of abusive use and system attestation.
ii.    The other information to be registered:
We may ask users to register their profile information (name shown on this Services, icon graphics, messages etc.), name and birthday and so on. 
And, the profile information to be shown on this Services or the other information which users register and contribute by themselves to disclose to other users (text, graphics, moving images etc.) will be browsed by other users. The registration itself is at user’s option. However, this Services itself or part of this Services may be unable to be used without the registration.
iii.     Other Services information:
In case of attestation through account of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we will receive those account information for the system attestation.
iv.    Name, postal address, telephone number:
We will receive the name, postal address and telephone number to identify the delivery address for the return when users give support for the specific project as patrons or supporters. 

2.    Information of Utilization of this Services
i.    Cookie:
This Services will utilize Cookie for the purpose of improving user’s convenience such as saving user’s setting, security such as preservation and protection of session and providing with better Services by grasping frequency of visit to this Services and its utilization form and scales of head-count of users. Users have option not to use Cookie, parts of this Services may be unable to use such as Services which requires login in case users refuse to save Cookie.
ii.    Logs and access times:
When users use this Services, IP address, type of browser and its language will be automatically made and saved. Those information will be utilized for the purpose of analyzing user’s circumstances, providing with better Services and prevention of acts of injustice to interrupt the normal Services operation. 
iii.    Device information: 
We may receive information of the users’ devices (OS, identification data of the device, name of computer). Those information will be utilized for the purpose of providing better Services, identity verification and prevention of acts of injustice to interrupt the normal Services operation. 

(Provision 2) Purpose of Utilizing Information

We shall utilize and/or use collected personal information for the following purposes.
1.    Addressing a violation of rules, regulations or policies relating to the Services (the “Rules”)
2.    Identity verification such as the case when we receive inquiry from users.
3.    Attestation Services.
4.    Prevention of acts of injustice.
5.    User’s smooth utilization of this Services.
6.    Advertisement and publicity of the project and soliciting support as patrons and/or supporters (including by e-mail).
7.    Sending mail magazine.
8.    Implementation of right or obligation based on the contract or the laws and regulations.
9.    To make statistics data related with use of this Services.
10.    Implementation of questionnaire regarding the current Services or the Services under the study.
11.    Corresponding inquiry from users.
12.    To announce information about this Services or the advertisement information of other company but us as the advertiser.
13.    To study new future plan related with this Services and provide with that
14.    Notice of significant information related with this Services and making necessary contact.
15.    Other purpose incidental to the foregoing.
16.    For cooperation with other services of our partners.

 (Provision 3) Provision of Information

We shall NEVER provide third party except following cases with user’s personal information.
1.    In case users themselves give us prior consent.
2.    In case the laws and regulations require.
3.    In case there is enough verification for us to judge that we are obliged to disclose personal information to protect our right, property or Services when user breach the terms of use of this Services.
4.    In case it is necessary to save human life and to protect property when it is too difficult to get user’s consent.
5.    In case it is necessary to improve public health and promote healthy nurturing of children when it is too difficult to get user’s consent.
6.    In case it is necessary for us to work cooperatively with the authorities of the country, local public authorities or people who are entrusted to implement the office work appointed by the laws and regulations while however, it has risk to be an obstacle to implement such work to request prior user’s consent.
7.    In case the business of our Company including provision of the personal information is succeeded to others by merger, demerger, transfer of operations and so on. 
8.    In case log in using the same account to tie other services of our partners.

(Provision 4) Deposit of Information

We are allowed to margin all or part of personal information received from users to the party who we entrust business to the extent necessary to accomplish the utilization purpose. In such case, we will fully evaluate the eligibility of the party to entrust and stipulate duty of secrecy on the contract and establish the structure in which the personal information is fairly handled and controlled.

(Provision 5) Sharing of Information

The user’s personal information may be shared with the business partner in case we need such business partner to collaborate for providing with this Services. In this case, we will share the personal information after we announce officially the purpose of utilization, the name of business partner, the kind of information and the name of the administrator.

(Provision 6) Right of Users

1.    Users may confirm and correct the registered information such as e-mail address and password anytime on this Services site. Also, users may delete his/her account. 
2.    In case users request us to disclose the personal information which can’t be checked on this Services site, users are allowed to do that except following cases in accordance with the procedure which we set separately. Then, we may charge the users disclosure fee in accordance with the procedure set separately when users request us to disclose the personal information which can’t be checked on this Services website.
i.    In case there is risk to impair the life, body property and any other right or profit of the users themselves or third party by disclosing the personal information.
ii.    In case there is risk to be a significant obstacle for us to operate this Services fairly by disclosing the personal information.
iii.    In case we violate the laws and regulations by disclosing the personal information.
iv.    In case we can’t confirm that the one who requests for disclosure is the identical person.
v.    As a result of disclosure, if users judge their personal information which we have is incorrect, users can request us to correct, populate and/or delete their personal information. In such case, we will correct, populate and/or delete the said personal information based on the result of our research which is to be done to the extent necessary to accomplish the utilization purpose.
3.    Provision of the personal information to us is at user’s option. However, the part of this Services may be unable to be used without necessary information. 

(Provision 7) Withdrawal from Our Services

In case users delete their account of this Services, we will properly delete their personal information in accordance with the related laws and regulations and our company’s regulation.

(Provision 8) Regarding the Personal Information of Children

We ask users who is under 18 years old to use this Services and input their personal information duly in the permission and supervision of a responsible parent or legal guardian.

(Provision 9) Amendment of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended periodically. We will make announcement by easily comprehensible way to users regarding the significant amendment.

(Provision 10) Indemnification

We and this Services shall not be concerned in administration of user’s ID and password. Users shall take their own responsibility for administration of their own ID and password and pay full attention to malpractice in using this Services and unauthorized use by the third party since there is possibility that the personal information may be browsed by other people if user’s ID and password are utilized by the third party due to carelessness of users.

(Provision 11) Inquiry

If there is some points unexplained regarding this Privacy Policy and for any inquiry, claim and consultation and so on regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us through following our e-mail address. 
E-mail address:

Prescribed on 28th of May, 2014
Maruso Industry Co., Ltd.